It was late, dark, and I was exhausted.

As I gave my 14-year old a hug, I knew something was wrong.

In the silent dark kitchen, he confessed. "I just feel so awkward and alone..."

His eyes were so sad, his voice so quiet, his heart so broken...

It broke my mama's heart...

We talked for a long time that night.
I assured him, it's quite normal to feel awkward and clumsy at 14-years old.

Especially when you are forty-five feet tall.

He had forgotten the most powerful three letter word.

He said, "I don't feel comfortable in a crowd.


I reminded him to add the magic word...

"I don't feel comfortable in a crowd, YET."

Then we formed a plan and I made a promise.

The truth is that interacting with a crowd, small group, or even at a family gathering does not come naturally for many people.

But it can be practiced and perfected.

So I am digging up resources, searching for video training, and designing an action plan to help my very tall, skinny, quiet, quirky, kind, sensitive, deep-thinking son conquer the art of conversation.

I made a promise.

• By this time next year, you will be much more confident in your own skin.

Communication is one of our core homeschool goals, true.

But being a confident, clear, communicator is an essential life skill.

If he learns to solve complicated equations but melts when someone asks him his opinion, then we have failed.

So, I am busy creating a plan, organizing goals, finding materials, and designing a 15-30minute/day thing-y to help our son.

But it made me think of you and your kids...

Do your kids lack social confidence? 

If not,  drop your email below. When it's communication confidence is complete, I'll let you know...
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